SPICE TRACK – Hand Tufted Cut & Loop Pile Sculpted Rug

The starting point for this rug was seeing the amazing colours used at our dyers to create the custom dyed colours used in our rugs. Pure wool is used as our standard yarn on hanks to then dye and be wound onto cones ready for tufting into the stretched canvas.

Sculpted Carved Pure Wool Hand Tufted Rug


The initial idea for the rug came from ploughed fields and the double tracks left behind by the tractor. We wanted to use a thicker than usual earth colour yarn in loop pile to emulate the ploughed earth which would be carved or sculpted back to emphasis the contrast between the cut pile earth colour and the loop pile which always shows slightly lighter in colour.

Sculpted Carved Pure Wool Hand Tufted Rug


Oranges in various dyed shades were used to give a graduated or shaded feel to the cropped and carved cut pile lines.


The SPICE TRACK pure wool orange cut pile lines were caved using a pneumatic air powered carver. Each line was carved down to form a recessed sculpted line to emphasis the the tree dimensional lines or tracks.