COMMERCIAL OFFICE - Durkan Reception Seating Area Hand Tufted Rug

Commercial Office Reception Seating Area Hand Tufted Rug

Durkan Office Reception Seating Area Hand Tufted Rug

Bespoke reception area rug

Area rugs were approached by Catherine Wilman Interiors to design and create a bespoke reception area rug for the Durkan Head Office in Borehamwood.

Size and pile height specification

The initial brief was to create a unique design to define and enhance the new furniture for the reception seating area. Key points within the brief was the size of the rug and the consideration of the access point to the space on either side of the rug and in front of the reception desk. These critical points were solved whilst being in the space with the client on our first site meeting and a bespoke size was agreed alongside the pile height which was to be a short contract quality of 12mm cut pile.

Custom colours

The colour scheme was specified by Durkan and took direct reference from their branding colours and the fabrics to be used in the new chairs within the reception. Colour tufts were chosen on our initial site meeting from our tuft box collection to match to seating fabric.

Hand painted designs in gouache

Hand painted designs were created incorporating the chosen colours and specified size to show to the client. Once the design was selected we could then translate a section of the design into hand tufted samples.

Hand tufted samples trials

Several samples were created to show different treatments using Natural Linen and White Linen in a speckle mix to enhance the texture of the finished rugs. The samples represented a section of the design in the colours that had been chosen for this project and they had been dyed specifically to match at our dyers in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, UK.