Hand Tufted Pure Wool Custom Made by Area Rugs & Wall Hanging


Inspired by walks through the fields around West Yorkshire and the changing view of the field directly in front of Area Rugs workshop in Mirfield, this HAY BALE design rug or wall hanging evokes the movement of the ploughed lines of cultivation but using a palette of expressive, counterintuitive custom dyed pure wool colours.

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Hand Tufted Wall Hanging Textile Sculpture Dewsbury Pioneer House In Kirklees College

SCULPTING A CONTINENT - Hand Tufted Textile Wall Art Installation

Hand Tufted Wall Hanging Textile Installation In Pioneer Higher Skills Centre in Dewsbury - Kirklees College with Antony Gormley Sculpture

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Sculpting a Continent Installation - Hand Tufting Workshops in Dewsbury for the Woven Festival in Kirklees

SCULPTING A CONTINENT - Hand Tufting Workshops

Dewsbury Creative Town and Woven in Kirklees commissioned Andrew Warburton to create a sculptural installation piece of Art, and to deliver participatory workshops showcasing the hand tufting process for the community to make their own complimentary textile piece of Art.

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‘Sculpting a Continent’ hand tufted textile installation piece by Andrew Warburton

SCULPTING A CONTINENT - Hand Tufted Installation in Dewsbury town centre

The first instalment of the hand tufted textile commission was revealed on Saturday 5th June 2021 coinciding with World Environment Day. The commission was located in a seated gazebo in Dewsbury’s Market Place. Opposite the installation, in the shop next to the Arcade entrance, there was an exhibition space and workshop area set up so that the general public could have an opportunity to have a go at hand tufting and contribute to a community created hand tufted textile by creating their own tufted lines on a stretched rug canvas on every Saturday in June 2021.

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Calving Initial Concept & Hand Tufting Process.

CALVING - The Concept & Hand Tufting Process

Andrew Warburton interprets the ‘calving’ imagery of colossal icebergs breaking off Antarctica through his textile wall hanging initial concept idea in handtufting.

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Have a go workshops are open to people of all ages

WOVEN IN KIRKLEES - Hand Tufted Installation Sculpture

Andrew Warburton interprets the ‘calving’ imagery of colossal icebergs breaking off Antarctica through his textile sculpture installation.

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Cut and Loop Pile Hand tufted Pure Wool Custom Made Rug

PLOUGH RUG – Hand tufted rug commission inspired by the contours of a freshly ploughed field and the green shoots of a new crop.

Hand Tufted cut and loop pile rug commission inspired by ploughed field and the green shoots of a new crop.

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Tufted Up North Rugs & Wall Hangings Exhibition

'TUFTED UP NORTH' - West Yorkshire Print Workshop Gallery

A retrospective exhibition of hand tufted rugs and wall hangings by Andrew Warburton at West Yorkshire Print Workshop, Mirfield, West Yorkshire, UK

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Hand Tufted Shuttle Rug 1 Cut Loop Carved


The creative process of how a hand tufted rug is made.

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made north hand tufted rug designer laura slater

MADE NORTH Designer Showcase

The MADE NORTH Designer Showcase celebrates today’s innovators and provides a creative platform for presenting their work.

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