vVOOSH – Company logo translated into two hand tufted rugs.

Two hand tufted, pure wool, rugs were commission by vVoosh to define areas and add further vibrancy and sound absorption for this busy office space.

vVoosh – Company logo translated into two hand tufted rugs.

Break Out Area Rugs

This London based lifestyle tech company requested two identical, colour matched, hand tufted rugs to compliment the seating and break out areas of their basement office space in London.

Consultation and Colour Reference.

The office space had elements of colour within its furniture and these informed the colourway for the rug’s design. At the first consultation meeting Area Rugs supplied their Chromatone coloured tufted sample for the clients to look through, its extensive palette permits the client to sample a wider colour range but also to combine the colours by bunching the tufts together to see how they look and react together.

The design required the coloured yarns to flow through each letter, to add light and darker tones to the surface, giving the letters the visual illusion of being three dimensional. This was achieved by mixing or shading the colours together during the hand tufting process.

Bespoke yarn dying

Once the colour choices have been agreed, the individual colour weights are calculated and these yarn quantities are then dyed at our local dye house in Dewsbury.

Specialised shading & blending processes.

The rugs are then created at Area Rugs workshop studio in Mirfield. The logo design is drawn onto the canvas which has been stretched under tension on a large frame. The size of the commission allowed both rugs to be made side by side.

The first stage of the tufting process is to create the shade logo, the clients wished that each letter be formed by blended combinations of custom dyed wool, this is done by varying the yarn colours being fed into the tufting gun, up to three or four lengths of yarn can be used at once, giving a stunning, gradient or shaded effect.

After the vVoosh logo is completed the background colour is started, this is built up across the canvas by tufting line after line building up the background from left to right.

Once completed, the rugs are backed on the frame so that the size and shape of the rug is not altered by removing the hand tufted pieces and then having to re-stretching them on the floor to then back with latex.

Delivery and installation.

Area Rugs personally delivered and installed the two rugs on site at the vVoosh office space in London. Ensuring that all is correct regarding the placement of the rugs and that the client is one hundred percent happy with the custom made hand tufted rugs.