University of Huddersfield, Student Break Out Area Fitted Rug

Custom Made Fitted Rug

We were approached to create a custom made rug to be fitted into a break out area for students at University of Huddersfield , Canal Side West Campus, West Yorkshire, UK.

Template & Measuring

The stone floor in this converted mill was listed and therefore could not be damaged or any adhesives used. A template was made to allow us to have a physical record of the area as no accurate plans existing of the seating and podium. These provided challenges but we worked closely with the client & architect to overcome which resulted in a finished product that answered the brief.

Custom Dyed Colours

Each colour was custom dyed to match a set of colours that was chosen for the laminate treatments to be used in the interior project.

To ensure a good fit the rug was made slightly oversized to allow for it to be fitted around the seating area. In addition to this the leading entrance edges were "Taped and Turned" and slightly chamfered to prevent them from being a trip hazard in this high traffic reception area of Huddersfield University.

The finished rug echoed the newly fitted circular lighting as well as the new interior colour scheme.