FINE ART PRINT ARTIST - Angela Newberry Rug Commission

Collaboration with Angela Newberry and Andrew Warburton of Area Rugs

Angela Newberry A.R.C.A Fine Art Printmaker

Angela Newberry is an established Artist Printmaker who divides her practice between her studios in the United Kingdom and Australia. She exhibits her work internationally in both solo and group shows, and her work can be found in private and public collections, for example in the Houses of parliament, Ministry of Defense, National Art Gallery of Australia and Manchester City Art Gallery.

The Australian outback is a constant source of inspiration for Angela which she translates into fine art, limited addition prints using Lino, Relief and Screen-printing processes.

Outside of Fine Art Angela breeds and rears black Alpacas in Australia.

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Impetus for the Collaboration

It was her desire to find a use for the fine quality, spun fleece which the black Alpacas produced which led to the collaboration between Angela and Andrew Warburton of Area Rugs. She was interested in using the fleece from the Alpacas in the translation of her fine art prints, to diversify and develop a new tactile inspired range of wallhangings.

The collaboration itself occurred serendipitously through an internet search where Angela found Area Rugs and Carpets based in Mirfield, West Yorkshire.

Design Concept and Realisation

Through discussions it was immediately realised that through Andrew Warburton’s knowledge and craftmanship her wishes that her Artwork could be translated into wallhangings. With Andrews’ extensive portfolio working for both private and public commissions she could see his diverse range of skills and technique at her disposal.

Andrew explained that through the considered mixture of yarns a variety of textures can be created for example, smooth, fine or course. Combined this with the process of hand tufting the yarn to the stretched canvas surface through a combination of different loop and pile lengths produces a wide variety of textures possibilities which give both a stunning visual and sensory experience. In addition, the completed hand tufted rug surface can be carved into to add design, direction, and depth, making it more than an interior adornment to a spectacular piece of Art in its own right.

Angela supplied the Fine Art Prints for translation. Area Rugs projected managed the dying of the specified amount of coloured yarn and the wall hangings were produced onsite at the workshop in Mirfield.

Delivery and installation

Once completed the Area Rugs personally delivered and installed the rug to her studio in, Cornwall where they were greeted with a home studio full of Angela’s fine art prints adorning the walls.

Area Rugs are delighted with the outcome of this project and are happy to discuss projects with Artist working across different mediums.