DIGITAL ART CONCEPT – Wall Hanging – A creative project in handtufting.

A collaboration between Area Rugs and Emelbi with the concept of hand tufting a digitally created portrait.

Creative Collaboration

The collaboration between Area Rugs and Michael Lee Barrett aka Emelbi came from a mutual high regard for each other’s work and creative process. Through numerous conversations they agreed that Area Rugs translation of a digital illustrations would push the boundaries and expand their perception of the creative areas which they work within.

It was agreed that an illustrated male portrait of a friend of Emelbi, in a digital format, would be the starting point.

Digital Image Translation

The extreme ‘close up’ of the image became the main focal point and developed from the portrait format. To keep the focal point upon the facial features, the decorative background of the original was removed completely. The colour palette was limiting to a more subtle combination to define the mark making of the illustration.

The Artistry Of Hand Tufting

This project highlighted the organic, production possibilities of the hand tufting process – you can draw with the tufting gun as you work on the stretched canvas, therefore not dissimilar from using a digital pen and tablet.

Concept To Conclusion In Hand Tufting

The process of translating the digital illustration highlights what can be achieved through hand tufting. Area Rugs are happy to discuss your creative ideas. Your design concept can be turned into a hand tufting.

The final rug or wall hanging has been used in numerous setting for different display purposes in exhibitions and interior design showrooms and reception areas to attract interest in the concept of hand tufting.